Project Management News From The Past Three Weeks: March 27th 2011

Hi Everyone:

Here is my selection of items that have appeared on theinternet on project management over the past three weeks – I hope that you willfind them of interest. Normally the blog is updated weekly but I have beeninvolved in another project over the past few weeks that you might want tocheck out:


Build a great projectmanagement culture

For developing new leaders , build a great projectmanagement culture:


Understanding projectmanagement processes and tools to drive success

Asks the question – what comes first, the processes or thetools?


Failure’s secretsauce: poor project management

Argues VB technical errors usually due to poor projectmanagement:


Project managers doit with diagrams

When a picture says a thousand words:


US Feds make projectmanagement progress

Federal agencies have been trying for some time now toimprove the success rate of their projects:


Don’t doom a projectto meet a deadline

At Westminster College, we're implementinga new system for our Institutional Advancement (fund-raising and outreach)office:


Management tip:transitioning a project with ease

Taking a few minutes to create a checklist may help ease thetransfer of project management between employees, says Harvard Business Review:


Banks are burstingtoo hire project managers

UK report:


Keeping projectsponsors engaged

Suggestions for keeping project sponsors engaged andparticipating:


Create the timelineview in Microsoft Project 2010

Detailed project schedules are great, but when it comes tocommunicating major milestones, phases, or tollgates to customers, executives,and even the project team, simplicity is key:


Why projects arecancelled for the wrong reason

A disproportionate large number of projects are cancelled bymanagement at 18 months:


Learning from the oldbeans

Successful induction of project managers:



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