Project Management News From The Past Month: January 21st

Hi Everyone:

Here is my summary of project management items that haveappeared on the internet in the past month. News has picked up again after theholiday break.


Project ManagementJobs in Saudi Arabia

Investment is leading to a high demand for project managersin Saudi Arabia:


The Seven Most CommonProject Management Mistakes That CIOs Make

From Computerweekly, advice for CIOs and those who work forthem:


PMI To Fund ProjectManagement Research

PMI announces solicitation of bids from researchers inproject management


Addressing SkillsGaps in Project Management

Advice from the UK from HR professional:


Top 10 ProjectManagement Trends For 2011-01-21

From the American Society for Training and Development:


Five Open SourceProject Management Apps To Watch

From Computerworld UK:


US CIO Council ToSurvey Government IT Skills – Including Project Management

This podcast describes an initiative that will run Jan18thto Feb 25th:


Abu Dhabi’s UnionRailway Dumps Contractors

Thought that poor project management to blame in $11 billionproject:


Kenyan MPs Suspectedof Graft in Project Management

Millions alleged to be missing:


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