Own a piece of Mac history for only $100k
If you've read Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography, or just know a bit about Mac history, you know the importance of the Macintosh. It was Apple's crowning jewel when it came out, but the road to production was a bumpy one.
The boxy classic actually started out with a “Twiggy” – 5.25″ floppy disk – drive before switching it out for the newer 3.5″ drive due to errors.
However, one of the prototypes with the “Twiggy” drive is up for sale now on eBay. A shrewd person with an extra $100k burning a hole in their pocket could “buy it now” for $99,995.
It's not actually that rare that older prototypes make their way to eBay but it is odd that it took this long. According to the SlashGear post, parts from Macintosh prototypes have surfaced online before but never a complete unit for sale.
That said, it won't really be all that useful. It won't boot to disk even though the keyboard and mouse still function. But what do you expect from a prototype computer from 1983?

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