Only 97 shopping days till Christmas

Sadly, I missed the highlight of Microsoft’s Holiday Event at The Richmond in Toronto yesterday.

This is an annual event, wherein the company invites journalists ’round to show off what they’ll be flogging come holiday time. I enjoy it — when you do enterprise tech all the time, it’s fun to get out and rub shoulders with the sleek and shiny consumer stuff once in a while.

Microsoft had the event organized around kids’ technology, teen technology and adult technology. On the adult front, Microsoft was largely pushing new Windows Mobile devices with the updated 6.1 operating system. Some promising stuff, surely, but overshadowed by the new HTC Touch Diamond, all sexy and GPS-enabled. (We’ve got a video demo of the Touch, if you’re interested; there’s a more comprehensive video review in the works, but it isn’t posted yet.) Say the word “pizza” into the phone and, through the magic of GPS and mapping software, it will actually MAKE A PIZZA FOR YOU. Actually, that’s not true, but it will identify any source of pizza in the immediate area and give you turn-by-turn directions to your pie.

Teenworld focused on the Zune line of media players and productivity tools for students, as if “productivity” and “teen” actually belonged in the same sentence. The new Zune has 120 GB capacity, bigger screen and built-in

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