Nortel polishes Communications Server 1000

Nortel has released a new version of its Communication Server 1000,it’s IP PBX for communications and telephony-based  unifiedcommunications. CS 1000 v. 6.0 provides even greater simplicity,resiliency, security, and openness than the previous version, thecompany said in a release. It also said the server is 40 per cent moreenergy efficient than unnamed competing products.

New features include greater centralization of functions that canfurther help enterprises to reduce the total cost of ownership of theirnetwork solution. For example, a new high-density services gateway, theMedia Gateway 1010, centralizes the provision of communicationsservices and applications to simplify operations across the network.Another component of release 6.0, the Unified Communications ManagementSolution manages CS 1000 as the network’s UC foundation and provides aframework that allows centralized management of all converged networkelements. A Linux-based software solution provides simplifieddiagnostics and serviceability. Release 6.0 also expands CS 1000options for COTS platforms adding the IBM x3350 and Dell R300.

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