New YouTube-related app
Every parent wants to make sure their kid is safe even when they are surfing the net. Your kids probably go to  YouTube to watch their favourite music videos or shows. However, they may stumble across some inappropriate videos. This concern led Katrina Read to create TinyTube. This application for the iPhone and iPad provides access to YouTube videos you mark as your favourites and it does not show links and information connected to the videos.
Basically, TinyTube is a simpler version of YouTube.  Using this app, parents are able to control what their kids watch. So how does it work? Well, a parent previews a video to make sure it is safe content and then adds it to their favourites. Only the 24 most recent videos you added to your favourites will be displayed. You log on to TunyTube by using your Gmail or YouTube user name and password. The problem with this is you have to create a separate account for your child, if you do not want them seeing your favourite videos. 
For a safer version of YouTube, appropriate for your kids, there's a site call ZuiTube by KidZui. The company is making an app for the iPhone and iPad according to their site:

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