I.T. and the Human Element

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Technological advances, particularly those that are information-related, seem often to be chattered about in isolation, as if they were an end in and of themselves. Well, that and their potential value in a forthcoming IPO.
Aside from the obvious, what is worth reminding ourselves of once in a while is the genuinely human implication of all those ones and zeros and the people that keep them sorted out.

Dell Canada
, with partner Intel, recently launched their campaign for a National I.T. Day.  They’re now on a quest for 10,000 signatures. From the site’s forum, “Rogina” writes:

– I look at the world today and see how much technology has improved our lives. It has allowed my family, 1300 km away, to be able to watch my son grow up. At work no longer do I have to search through boxes of files to find that one invoice or piece of paper – I have more time to take care of the really important things. The hard-working folks who spend hours upon hours making life and work easier deserve to be recognized. Stand up, take a bow and know you are appreciated.
Now THAT is what information technology and I.T. practitioners are really all about.

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