How to engage employees

After the Christmas holidays or even just a regular weekend, getting back into the swing of things can be difficult. Your employees’ brains may still be on vacation and their minds are wandering some beach in Florida or they are just thinking about what they are going to do on the weekend. You may empathize with them, but you still realize you have big plans for your business as it enters the New Year. How do you get your team motivated to achieve your goals?

Well, there are three ways you can engage your employees, according to Richard Axelrod, writer of Terms of Engagement: New Ways of Leading and Changing Organizations.

The first is by inviting workers in all different positions and on different levels to present their opinions and concerns about the organization. This way, you can gather a variety of answers to company problems and because you gave workers a voice, you get support from allover the company.

The second way is to give employees time to work on their ideas of how to improve the organization and potentially implement it.

Lastly, you should take time to have conversations with your employees and see their views as well as goals in their position. This will help you understand them and vice versa.

Using these three tips or even one of them will help your company succeed this year, according to Axelrod.

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