Hello, iPhone

As I wrote in a story posted today on the ITWorld Canadasite, enterprises in the U.S. are increasingly willing to allowstaffers to connect iPhones to their corporate e-mail, calendar andportal systems. What was puzzling in my research was an inability tofind Canadian organizations with the same enthusiasm.The Forrester Research report I cited mentioned hugecorporations such as Kraft Foods and Oracle as well as AmylinPharmaceutical of California that since last summer (or, in Kraft'scase, exactly 12 months ago), started taking advantage of theenterprise-friendly improvements in version 2.0 of iPhone's software.There's no trouble finding people here and there in small organizationswith an iPhone – one prominant telecom consultant was quick to get onefrom the U.S. before Rogers began selling them here – butenterprise-sized Canadian companies have eluded me. So if the ITdepartment of your firm has given staff the green light to use iPhonesfor more than voice, let me know. I hope to write a story in the not todistant future on how iPhones help workers on this side of the borderbe productive. My e-mail is hsolomon@itworldcanada.com.

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