Google Innovates with Photo Search. Impressive.

Check this out:

Google is doing what was never possiblebefore: searching by related photos. Using “metadata” which is thewords used to describe an image, Google has empowered the user tosearch by photos.

The google tool is part of Google’s effort to improve its searchservice capabilities for images. Users’ satisfaction with the service —and others like it. This is, for a search engine, the first time I haveever encountered the use of descriptive text data for images.

Of course, this will mean more work for photographers: now we will have a reason to fill out all the details of an image.

Paris Hilton fans may rejoice.

This is innovation. Everyone benefits, especially photographers.Google’s new experiment is an example of a great company. It is greatbecause it works on doing what it does best, and innovating on top ofthings it has done in the past.

How often does a technology company (or any company for that matter) acquire to grow only to be distracted and to fail?

Do you have any comments on Oracle’s decision to purchase Sun Microsystems?
Disclosure: No position on GOOG stock as illustrated on kaChing.

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