From snail mail to smell mail: This product feature stinks!

toucan-sam.jpgIt’s bad enough that many corporate offices and hospitals forbid people from wearing strong perfumes or colognes (how’s a guy supposed to live out the dream of those Axe Body Spray commercials?). Now NTT Communications plans to offer a way to send fragrances to a cell phone.

According to our friends at InfoWorld, “a trial of the service will take place later this month during which users will be able to select and send certain fragrance recipes to an in-home unit that is responsible for concocting and releasing the various fragrances. Each holds 16 cartridges of base fragrances or essences that are mixed to produce the various scents in a similar way that a printer mixes inks to produce other colors.” If that doesn’t work, you can send it via e-mail directly to the device.

Call me cynical, but it probably won’t take long before these “fragrance home units” are commonly referred to as the Stench Centre. On the other hand, NTT can count on Foot Loops spokesbird Tucan “Just follow my nose!” Sam to be an early adopter.

Smell ya later,


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