Electric fencing for the cube farm

Cubicle dwellers, rejoice. A productivity solution, and a decidedlylow-tech one at that, has come along that will give you hours of yourday back.

Here’s the problem: You don’t have a door. You don’t really havewalls or a ceiling, either, but for the most part, people don’tsuddenly leap over your cubicle wall to discuss the latest Leafstrade/naked celebrity photos/episode of Dancing with the Stars.

There are lurkers at your door, and they are determined to suck timeout of your day like a vampire at a blood clinic. And there’s no way tostop them. Until now.

Enter CubeGuard Inc.The Santa Clara, Calif., company has launched the Cubicle MessageBarrier, a retractable cordon with a printed message regarding yourworking status. Aside from the standard messages — Do Not Disturb, OutTo Lunch, Working from Home, Out of the Office — the barriers can becustomized with your own message. For example: I’m Feeling Anti-Social;I’m So Stressed Out I May Cry If Interrupted; or, No, I Really Don’tGive A Rat’s About Dancing With The Stars. They are available withrepeating emoticon backgrounds or panoramas.

So … what would your custom barrier say? Feel free to post below. But keep it clean, this is a family publication.

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