CURATED: Telus launching AppleCare+
Telus is replacing its current AppleCare offering with AppleCare+. What does this mean to you if you're buying an iPhone from a Telus store? About $10.
While Telus is yanking its current AppleCare, the new AppleCare+ offers two years of technical support including two incidents of accidental damage from handling repair (subject to a $50 service fee).
The interesting part – which I have to credit Mobile Syrup's commenters for pointing out – is that it's still a 2-year coverage deal attached to what is likely a 3-year plan. That leaves a whole year of uncovered iPhone damage potential, and that's even if you decide to spring for the extra $100 of coverage.
What some are suggesting is that replacing expensive parts of the phone – like the screen – is the ideal use for this kind of coverage, but if you look hard enough, you can find services to do it for cheaper. AppleCare+ just makes it more convenient. The $50 service fee on top of the $99 plan fee is what gets me. Just seems like a little too much money wrapped up in admin.
Original article: TELUS launching AppleCare+ April 16th (Mobile Syrup)

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