Canadian firms shy about mobile marketing: Survey

We're a technology-savvy country, but a research firm suggests that Canadian organizations aren't taking advantage of the opportunities offered by all those smart phones in people's pockets.

IDC Canada said Monday that of 200 businesses and IT executives surveyed last October, only 53 per cent said their organization has no plans to invest in mobile marketing.

About 20 per cent said they are involved in some way — offering mobile apps, coupons, QR codes and such — and another 26 per cent said they were planning to do something mobile-related in the next 12 months.

IDC Canada is selling the entire results of the survey to subscribers for $4,500.

The survey was only done in Canada, so it can’t be compared to other countries. But Krista Napier, a senior mobile analyst for the research company, says it suggests organizations here are “scratching the surface” on the potential for developing mobile apps, mobile coupons and QR codes.

By 2015, she says, sales of smart phones and media tablets will outpace laptops and desktops.

Yet some respondents said their organization sees no value in mobile marketing. While she admits it may not be for every company, “I would argue they don’t understand the value it can deliver, not that it can’t add value. I think there’s still some education required.”

“There are (Canadian) companies that are doing some leading edge things, but I think in general a lot of companies need some help.”

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