Boost for Android phone developers

Vancouver’s Intrinsyc Software Internationalsays it has developed a commercial-grade, open market solution fordeveloping radio interface layer (RIL) software for Android mobilephones. Intrinsyc’s RapidRIL, a 3G radio control interface product, hasbeen adapted to the Infineon XMM platforms and X-Gold families ofmobile device baseband processors supporting GSM/GPRS, EDGE, andWCDMA/HSPA technologies. RapidRIL support for the Infineon modemplatforms will enable manufacturers to accelerate the process ofdesigning, building, and shipping high-quality Android phones into themarketplace, the company said.
“The XMM and X-Gold product lines are considered best-in-class forperformance and power consumption,” said David Manuel, Intrinsyc’svice-president and general manager of device development solutions.“Infineon customers working on Android mobile device developments cannow gain a significant competitive advantage by using RapidRIL. Forexample, integrating RapidRIL on Android platforms using this line ofInfineon modems takes less than a week.
RapidRIL is a radio interface layer product used to accelerate thedevelopment of mobile devices, including smartphones and otherwirelessly connected devices. RapidRIL supports all radio technologiesup to and including 3G with a roadmap to support 4G. Additionally, theRapidRIL architecture supports multiple control and data channels thatcan be customized for specific device requirements.
Meanwhile, Intrinsyc remains mum about the progress of work developing an Android-based device for an unnamed Fortune 500 company. Completion of that work is scheduled by the end of the year.

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