Blueslice adds WiMAX AAA to server

Blueslice Networkshas released the latest version of its Converged Subscriber Platform(CSP) 3000 for mobile operators,  a fully-integrated 3GPP HLR, IMS HSSand WiMAX AAA server. The Montreal company said the update includes thecapability to act as a WiMAX Authentication, Authorization andAccounting server as standardized by the WiMAX Forum NWGspecifications. It is compliant with both fixed (802.16d) and mobile(802.16e) WiMAX implementations. WiMAX support is added as a simplesoftware upgrade on existing AAA 3000 deployments and cansimultaneously coexist with the ngHLR 3000, HSS 3000 and SIP-AS 3000front-ends on the same hardware platform, leveraging one uniquedistributed back-end subscriber database. This allows operators toreduce complexity and costs by managing all subscriptions of a givensubscriber in a central coordinated way, while enabling them tosimplify the life of their subscribers with single-sign-on acrossnetwork domains. “Many WiMAX operators are in the process of deployingIMS, while also looking for GSM/HSPA partnerships as a fallback outsideof WiMAX coverage. With the siloed architecture of traditional AAA/HSSvendors, they must deploy three separate network databases,” FredericBastien, vice-president Products for Blueslice Networks, said in arelease. “With the CSP 3000, they are aware in real-time of theauthentication and mobility context of their subscribers, across WiMAX,IMS and 3GPP access networks”.

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