Best Quarterly Earnings In Apple History – IPhone Still King

Apple Reports March Quarterly Revenue and Earnings numbers that are the best in Apple History.  The IPhone 3G…

IPhone 3G Still King!

…in the first quarter of IPhone 3G availability ended September 27, 2008 6.9 million units were sold, more than the 6.1 million first generation units sold in the previous 5 quarters combined!!  You can read the earnings press release here, and listen to the earnings call from earler today here.

With the popularity of my Palm Pre Is Hot And The Buzz Is Loud – What Does It Mean For The Apple IPhonearticle, the thinking might be that those who had not yet pulled thetrigger on an IPhone might be delaying that purchase, waiting to seewhat the Palm Pre has to offer.

These sales numbers were from a time frame that pre-dated the newson the Palm Pre.  It will be interesting to see what the numbers looklike in a couple of months, when we are looking at the June results.

In the meantime, the IPhone is still revenue King.  I hear that ifyou strike at the King, you should Kill the King, since wounding theKing will just make them angry and more of a threat.

I don’t think the King is Wounded Yet.  The Game Continues…

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