Anatomy of a Kickoff: Part 4: Vendor Introduction

Arun Nithyanandam

This is a series of posts, if you haven’t read the earlier ones, please read it here.
Part 1: Overview
Part 2: Client and Primary Sponsor Introduction
Part 3: Supporting Structure Introduction

When you are done with the client introductions, it’s time to shift the focus to the vendor. Since these are large projects, encourage a senior executive from the vendor to make the introduction. You can ask a Sr. Director or a VP. In some cases, you may even ask the CEO to make this presentation. This high level of commitment gets the client’s attention, and it signals credibility and trustworthiness.

The vendor’s executive should cover the following topics:

• What is the vendor’s business and product?
• What is the vendor’s business model and sales cycle?
• What is the product roadmap—how is the product evolving?

This information allows the members of the client’s community to understand the vendor better. It increases the buy-in from the client’s team.

About the Author

arun_nith_blog.jpgArun Nithyanandam is a Strategy and Management Consultant based in Silicon Valley. Arun has managed multiple multi-million dollar IT projects in US and Europe across verticals. His current focus areas are Enterprise Contract Management Systems (deploying Nextance proposal-to-revenue and source-to-savings solutions to help companies improve financial performance and lower risk) and Enterprise Content Management Systems. Arun works with CIGNEX Technologies, a provider of Open Source based enterprise content management solutions.

During his spare time (if any) Arun enjoys hiking and reading.

Arun is currently working on a book (co-authored with Bill Sherman) code named “Managing Multi-million dollar projects” to be published in 2008.

For the collection of all Arun’s articles, please visit Squidoo Lens Arun Says

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