An app for movie buffs
If you are really into watching the extras whether it be extended scenes or 'the making of', then you are going to love this app. In Apple Inc.'s App Store, you can find app editions of two movies, The Dark Knight and Inception.
The two free downloads contain five minutes of the movie, bonus photos, games and trivia for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Some of the bonus content was on DVDs or Blu-rays of the movies, while other features are new.
The extras for Inception include concept art, movie posters, production stills, behind the scenes video, three music tracks from Hans Zimmer and comics.  The Dark Knight movie app includes three hours of bonus clips, trivia, photos and ring tones. Both films have Facebook and Twitter functions as well and are available in over 30 countries.
The downloads have a one-button option to buy the streamed or downloaded whole film, Inception costs $11.99, while batman is $9.99.
There are more film apps expected to arrive in 2011, according to a statement by Thomas Gewecke, the digital distribution president of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. 

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