About Pedro

My name is Pedro Cardoso. I live in Georgetown, Ontario with my wife, daughter, cat and a more than a few computers kicking around. I was the 2009 Blogging Idol winner at IT World Canada. I have had the good fortune and privilege of working in the IT field for all of my professional life (and a not insignificant portion of my personal life too!). In my journey thus far, I have spent time in a variety of roles – ranging from IT operations and service delivery, to software developer and project manager. Presently, in a senior leadership capacity, I spend much of my time focused on “people and process” – themes which you should see come through in many of my posts.

You'll find that I will write on a variety of topics – ranging from IT and Business alignment, Change Management and Continuous Improvement to the latest shiny new “thing” – whether that be the latest must-have gadget or the latest innovation from the likes ranging from Apple & Microsoft to Google & Twitter. I consider each and every day an opportunity to learn & strive to bring value to my customers, business, work processes and everyday life through the application and/or infusion of technology; and also from time to time, write overly-complex sentence fragments – keep me in check readers!

Making IT Work is not just a catchy slogan, it's what I enjoy doing best…when I'm not “unplugged” and enjoying life in the “analog” world with my family, friends and loved ones. I am passionate about Information Technology, and it's ongoing exponential growth in capabilities and accessibility as the single most significant enabler to the enrichment of our daily lives. Enjoy the ride and thanks for stopping by. You can catch more of me as PedroDCardoso on Twitter!
Disclaimer: My Writings Are Representative Of My Personal Opinions, And Do Not Reflect The Opinions Of My Employer Or Any Other Legal Entity. 

Cheers – Pedro

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