“a meme for our BA and PM bloggers”

From Craig Brown over on Better Projects:

“I propose a meme for our BA and PM bloggers.

Recall the first and last analysis model you used at work.”

For me:

First: Data Flow Diagrams, having been trained on Structured Analysis a long, long time ago.

Last: a UML Activity diagram, using it to model workflow with system interaction.

This made me think of all the modeling techniques I have used in between: Entity-Relationshp Diagrams, Context Diagrams, Functional Decomposition, Action Diagramming, Affinity Analysis, Business Process Modeling, Concept/Class Diagrams, Use Cases with Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Business Rules… and probably more that didn't stick. I am looking forward to seeing what else comes up in the responses by other bloggers.

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