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I’ve spent the last two weeks in Greece, touring ancientcivilizations whose achievements once marked the pinnacle of technologyand engineering. While I was away, however, the team at IT World Canadahas been busy on some major building projects of their own.

First up is the IT World Canada Knowledge Store,an e-commerce portal that goes beyond the white papers and other assetswe already feature on our site to provide more in-depth researchreports on the evolution of enterprise IT. The research will covereverything from briefs, industry guides and longer-term marketforecasts, and Datamonitor is among the first analyst firms in the mix.You can start browsing (and buying!) today.

Once you’ve done your homework and gotten a snapshot of where theindustry is headed, you can compare your own firm with the progress ofyour peers through MeasureIT,a benchmark metrics service we’ve developed in partnership with London,Ont.-based Info-Tech Research Group. A short questionnaire will allowyou to perform an assessment which can be downloaded on everything frombudgeting and staffing to specific technology products and services.Yes, it’s free. And no, you won’t be hassled by a salesperson after youfill this out. We actually see this as a huge value-add to ouraudience.

Finally, we’ve done a little reorganization to compile the growing number of Webinars we’vebeen hosting to discuss best practices, change management and costallocation with firms like IBM, Fujitsu and others. (Shamelessself-promotion: I’m moderating a session on contract consolidation tomorrow with Dimension Data at1:00 p.m.) These are live events but we’re now offering quick and easyaccess to the sessions on demand, just in case you can’t give up yourlunch hour on the day in question.

There’s going to be a lot of changes coming to the IT World Canadaonline platform before too long, but I’m not going to go into all thedetails just yet. Consider these three new services an opening act –one well worth investigating.

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