A promised update for Windows Phone 7 — which will make it more compatible with new WP8 apps — is coming soon, according to a blog. Here’s why it’s important

WinPhone 7.8 update this week: Report
(Nokia’s Lumia 900, sold by Rogers, runs Windows Phone 7.5)
Operating systems are never static: Software companies always have to update them to fix bugs, and, sometimes, to add new features in a competitive market.

But the world of smart phones is different from the desktop/laptop world. For reasons of network compatibility, wireless carriers control the timing and distribution of smart phone OS upgrades. Unlike the world of personal computers, end users can’t download upgrades themselves.

So when Microsoft Corp. announced Windows Phone 8, owners of handsets using WinPhone 7x wondered if they were going to be left a generation behind – just as those with older versions of Android on their handsets worry about getting the latest version of that mobile OS.

Microsoft says WinPhone 7.5 don’t have the power to run WinPhone 8, but the company has said there will be a v7.8 update with a few of the capabilities of WP8 – it just hasn’t said when.

However, it’s almost a month after WP 8 was released and six months after Microsoft said they’re working on 7.8. Now the natives are getting restless.
Here’s two reports on the latest buzz:
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