OpenShift Enterprise 2 will boost the efficiency and scalability of customers’ IT service delivery, according to RedHat.

Open source software company RedHat Inc., focuses on data centre integration and enhanced controls with the general release of its private Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, OpenShift Enterprise 2.

OpenShift Enterprise 2 will be available on December 11 to customers in North America, United Kingdom, Continental Europe and some Asian and Latin American countries.

First introduced in 2012, OpenShift Enterprise sits alongside the company’s public cloud PaaS product OpenShift Online. OpenShift Enterprise automates much of the provisioning and systems management of the application platform stack. It is geared for hybrid cloud environments and is a fully configured application development, testing and hosting environment for app developers.

Since its release, RedHat (NYSE;RHT) has added more than 45 new features to said OpenShift Enterprise over four product releases.

New features found in OpenShift Enterprise2 include: data centre infrastructure integration; an advanced administration console; support for more programming languages; and new collaboration capabilities.

RedHat said there are also features that simplify the integration of OpenShift on OpenStack with the use of OpenStack Orchestration templates.

The new administrative console offers IT operators a more streamlined PaaS interface and provides visibility into applications, users and the overall capacity of their PaaS platform.

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