Maker of unified contact centre solutions strikes its second acquisition of the week, picking up three applications from a competitor

Noble Systems buys ALI Solutions
Noble Systems Corp., a maker of unified contact centre solutions, has made its second acquisition of September.
In this report from, the Atlanta company said Friday it has picked up the Vincio, CallTech, and OnQ suite of contact centre solutions from ALI Solutions for an undisclosed fee. Four days earlier it announced the purchase of Stratasoft, Inc., a provider of hosted and premise-based contact center technology.
Noble Systems isn’t widely-known in Canada, but it’s software is used by Canadian Tire Bank, one of the largest issuers of credit cards in this country, for dealing with customers.
 ALI’s three applications face different needs. Vincio lets business users access internal customer data from across the enterprise, the company says, and merge it with data from third-party providers. It supports predictive model markup language (PMML) to allow users to import logistic regression, linear regression, and decision tree models.

CallTech uses predictive analytics to determine the most productive time to call potential buyers in a dialer campaign.

OnQ integrates with dialers, outbound interactive voice response (IVR) devices, and email and SMS applications to manage the flow of each record to the appropriate channel for each contact attempt, the company says.

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