In the digital age we tend to see everything old as useless and everything new as useful.  But what if we could learn how to cope with a hyper-competitive, fast moving, disruptive world by learning lessons from mining?  

In a presentation to 6th Global Mining IT & Communication Summit, being held this year in Toronto from Wednesday  Nov. 2 to  Thursday Nov. 3  IT World CIO Jim Love will explore what we need to keep pace with technological change using lessons he’s learned from watching and working with mining professionals.  

“One of the biggest reasons for organizational failure is that we’ve learned to admire problems and not solve them,” he says. “If you think you have an issue balancing the need for long-term planning with short-term responses and results, try asking a mine manager.”

The  longest running conference on IT in Mining in Canada, the two-day affair includes an examination of the main drivers of mining innovation, discussions about the opportunities and security challenges of IoT implementation and a panel discussion by experts offering thoughts on a five-year agenda to “make mining smarter.”

Themes include operational excellence and continuous improvement, facets and progress of information and operational technology convergence, cyber security and innovation.

Other speakers include Terry Cutler,  vice-president of cyber security at Montreal’s SIRCO and Jeff Stark , director of cyber security at CIBC.

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