Is it time to quit your job?
Many opportunities are out there for skilled IT workers, but it could be you haven’t found the right one yet.
There are certain signs that you should start looking for greener pastures, outlined in this article by NetworkWorld, which offers a top 10 list of warning signs. Some of them are personal: If you dread going into work every day, you’re clearly not going to perform at your best.
As Jayne Mattson, a senior vice-president at a career counselling firm puts it, “everyone deserves to find a job that meets their values, the opportunity to use and excel in your top skill set and doing something that you love. Once your ability to get a solid night’s sleep doesn’t occur, you are not performing at your best.”
And others are organizational: If your company is constantly restructuring, laying off employees without replacing them, and changing its strategic direction, it could be a bad sign.

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