Ontario privacy commissioner Ann Cavoukian has a well-deserved international reputation for encouraging organizations and software developers to build personal data protection into everything they do.

Called Privacy By Design, the approach has been called “an essential component of fundamental privacy protection” by a group of international privacy commissioners and is being adopted by many.

One of those is Jeff Jonas, a software developer for IBM Corp., who Brian Jackson, editor of our sister publication ITBusiness.ca, met recently in Russia where he was covering an IBM-sponsored international student computing competition.

What he learned led to an interview about how Cavoukian’s influence led Jonas to include PbD principles into a software engine that’s part of one IBM product.

The piece also quotes Cavoukian maintaining data privacy isn’t a trade-off with application performance. “Privacy and security must be embedded into every standard, protocol and process that touches our lives,” she has written.


What does Privacy by Design mean in detail? Read more here

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