The online file storage and sharing service has an app dedicated for Win8. But the desktop version might be better for some users

Dropbox for Windows 8 a mixed blessing
Dropbox, the popular free file transfer site, now has a Windows 8 app for Win8/WinRT devices. But it may not be the version you need.

According to Ian Paul at PC World U.S., Dropbox for Win8 isn’t as flexible as the desktop version. With that, he writes, you can save locally as many Dropbox files as you want and access them via Windows Explorer.

The Win8 version, he says, leverages the new operating system and its features, but it has a limitation.
(The Web version of Dropbox)
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So the message is think carefully about which version you need.
A little background: DropBox is a storage service that lets users upload large files to the cloud for others to download. It saves these files from being blocked by email providers because of their size.

Dropbox, which also has Mac and Linux desktop versions, as well as mobile versions for Android, BlackBerry and iOS, says it has more than 100 million subscribers.

Storage is limited to 2 GB for individuals, although users get more space for referring friends. The paid Pro version offers up to 500 GB of storage.
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